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Building your dream home.

We create quality residential communities

Parkland Heights has been carefully designed with its natural surroundings and today’s buyer in mind, giving you the best of both worlds. We pride ourselves on creating quality residential communities that our residents are proud to call home. Developing design guidelines ensures that our residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the value of their investment is maximised and the overall quality of the community is enhanced.

Our design guidelines cover considerations such as appropriate building materials, colours and features as well as energy efficiency and fencing that can be easily adopted by your builder.

At Parkland Heights, we have a range of home sites to every family, lifestyle and budget.

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Information to Download

Bushfire Alert Level Report

BAL Assessment Report - Stage 5 (Regent Release) Parkland Heights- pdf

Local Development Plan (LDP) Documents

Stage 5 (Regent Release) LDP- pdf

Restrictive Covenants 

Stage 4 (Chelsea Release) Restrictive Covenants- pdf

Stage 5 (Regent Release) Restrictive Covenants- pdf